Fractional CMO Services
An Instant Marketing
head to Unlock Your Growth
Achieve your business growth with an experienced Fractional CMO to suit your budget
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Our Benefits
How Our Fractional CMO Method can benefit
B2B technology or SaaS Companies?
Outsourced Head of Marketing can help you design a marketing strategy and implement the same based on your company size and your business goals.
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Faster Time to Market
We have reported an average of 48% faster time-to-market for new services and products, translating into quicker returns on investment.
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Better Productivity
Our  CMOs have increased average productivity significantly  just by allowing companies to allocate their internal marketing teams more tactical tasks.
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Higher Revenue Growth
Companies that engaged us have experienced an average 29% revenue and pipeline growth rate compared to 19% for those without.
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Cost Effective Solution
Our cost are approximately 50-75% less than the annual salary and benefits of a full-time CMO.
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CXO Team Unburdening
We alleviate the CEO's burden by taking complete responsibility for marketing leadership. This allows the CEO of the B2B SaaS company to focus on overall business growth and broader strategic initiatives.
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Wealth of Experience
Our team comes with experience across all major facets of marketing, such as brand, product, and growth marketing. They ensure comprehensive coverage of marketing functions, which maximizes impact and minimizes gaps.
Our Advantage
What Makes ProGrowth Different?
ProGrowth gives you a million dollar worth marketing team for just a fraction of the cost.
We think about your business as if it is our own.We constantly update our marketing approach
based on changes in the market.
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Our Process
Our bulletproof process to win on Marketing Goals
We work with you as an extension of your company to bring along our expertise and knowledge backed by proven marketing playbooks.‍
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Step 1
Objectives and Marketing Strategy
We work with the CEO and other senior leaders to identify 2-3 top objectives that needs to be achieved in the short term through marketing
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Step 2
Delivering Value
Our Fractional CMO works as an internal employee and will start managing your marketing team to align with business goals.
We work with you to grow to the next stage and help you hire a
fulltime CMO.
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Step 3
Measure & Scale
Define metrics to track the performance like Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Average Revenue per User (ARPU), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
Case Study
How we Helped an AI startup to increase their organic traffic by 350% in just 6 months
We worked as a Head of Marketing for an AI startup in the Fintech domain and helped them enhance their content strategy, SEO plan and improve their search traffic and improve client pipelines. 
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Unlocking Growth with ABM

Looking to boost your B2B business growth? Our unique ABM approach helps you achieve just that, with precise targeting and personalized touches.

Why Choose Us?

As one of the top ABM agencies, we offer an extensive range of services tailored to amplify your market presence. Trust in our experts to design campaigns that truly connect, blending tried-and-true methods with a thorough ABM framework to nurture and grow your valuable accounts.

Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Browse through our success stories and see how our ABM strategies have led businesses to new heights. Amongst the sea of account-based marketing agencies, we prioritize meaningful metrics, ensuring you witness tangible benefits like boosted ROI, effective lead generation, and clear KPI outcomes.

Best Practices for ABM Success

Our goal? To ensure your business flourishes. Whether you're looking for the right marketing plans or tailored templates, we're here to guide you. Delve into our case studies and see firsthand how our strategies have driven remarkable business growth.

Customized ABM Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are our solutions. Whether you're a large B2B enterprise or a budding small business, we've got you covered. From engaging email campaigns to effective LinkedIn strategies, we adopt a holistic approach to ensure you soar to success.

Embark on Your ABM Journey with Us

Ready to redefine your B2B game? Partner with Progrowth Marketing Services Private Limited and let's craft an ABM journey that reshapes your business landscape

We have more than 230+ Happy Customers with satisfaction


Grow your Revenue with
AI-Assisted SEO Services

Build scalable, reliable and faster organic marketing strategies using Humans and AI together. 
Integrated SEO ImageStatistics chartBar graphInternet search
increase in organic search traffic in 6 months
Increase in the number of impressions
in a span of 1 month
organic enquiries via blog led case studies
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Customised SEO Plans for Business Growth
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AI Assisted Content Strategy
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Human Experts to vet AI Content
Use AI to improve your organic leads 
We help you to plan and execute end to end content strategy
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Get higher Keyword ranking
Use AI powered keyword research and topical planning to boost your SEO rankings
Stop watch
Fix Technical SEO issues quickly
We help you to analyze and fix all the technical issues
Built Specifically for
B2B Technology Companies SaaS Companies
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10X your content goals
Use Human generated blogs enhanced by AI bots to realize your content strategy quickly
Enhance Offpage Reputation
Use digital PR and indepth competitor research to improve Domain Ranking (DR)
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Several businesses using our service every month
Integrations & Partnerships
Elevate your SEO operations with latest AI Tools and new age SEO products
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Pricing Plan to Enhance Your SEO Presence
Trial Plan
Starting at
1 Month AI Assisted Plan
1 article prepared by our content experts
Start Pack
Starting at
AI Assisted SEO Plan 
Keyword planning
Content Analysis
Generate Content Clusters
20 high quality human written articles/month
15 branded images
Pro Plan
Starting at
AI Assisted SEO Plan
Keyword planning 
Content Analysis
Generate Content Clusters
30 high quality human written articles/month
25 branded images
10 high quality authentic backlinks
Enterprise Plan
Starting at

The Most Common Questions

What services does your AI-assisted SEO offering include?

Our AI-assisted SEO services include AI-powered keyword research, content strategy planning, generating content clusters, high-quality human-written articles, branded images, technical SEO analysis and fixes, off-page reputation management through digital PR, and in-depth competitor research.

How does the AI content generation process work??

We leverage AI tools to assist with tasks like keyword research, topic ideation, and content outlines. However, all content is ultimately written and vetted by human experts to ensure high quality.

What types of businesses do you typically work with for SEO?

Our AI-assisted SEO services are built specifically for B2B technology companies and SaaS companies looking to enhance their organic marketing strategies.

What are the pricing options for your SEO services?

We offer a free trial plan, as well as paid monthly plans starting at $599/month for the Start Pack up to custom pricing for an Enterprise Plan. Plans vary based on number of articles, images, backlinks and other services included.

How do you measure success and ROI for your SEO campaigns?

Some key metrics we track include increases in organic search traffic, search impressions, organic inquiries/leads, and keyword rankings. We’ve helped clients see up to 350% increase in organic traffic in 6 months.

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Account Based Marketing Services
B2B Tech and SaaS
Specialized ABM Agency
We are a team of ABM experts and provide services
to get the best return on your ABM investment.
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Customized ABM Solutions
Account Based Marketing (ABM) Services that we offer
Whether you’re a large B2B enterprise or a budding small business, we’ve solutions tailored to your needs. From engaging email campaigns to effective LinkedIn ABM strategies, we adopt a holistic approach to ensure you revenue and pipeline goals are met.

A chess rook.
ABM Strategy
We develop customized marketing plans focused on the biggest companies you want as customers. We research to find out who the key decision makers are at those companies. Then we make a strategy for how to get the important people at those companies to notice you.
Magnifying statistics
ABM Account Research & Profiling
For our ABM plans, we start by learning all about the big companies you want. We build a complete profile about each company, decision makers and the buying committee so we know exactly who to talk to. We also help you in appointment setting and cold emailing for targeted accounts
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ABM & Content Strategy
We help you find and connect with the companies that are perfect for your business. Then, we create special content artefacts like blogs, ebooks, case studies etc just for them, so they understand exactly how you can help them succeed. It's the best way to build strong relationships and win more business!
ABM Ad Campaigns
Go beyond basic online ads! We help you identify and target the specific companies that are the best fit for your business. Then, we create and deliver ads directly to them on the platforms they use most. Plus, we monitor online conversations to understand their needs and interests, allowing us to refine your messaging for maximum impact. It's the smart way to reach the right audience and build strong customer relationships.
Man Explaining Statistics
Sending Mail Through Laptop Image
Email & Marketing Automation for ABM
Imagine having a dedicated sales team for each of your top customers, nurturing them every step of the way. That's the power of our ABM email and marketing automation! We help you segment your audience, tailor your messages, and deliver them at the perfect moment. This personalized approach builds trust, boosts engagement, and ultimately drives more deals with the accounts that matter most.
ABM Reporting Setup
By setting up a customized reporting system, we give you the insights you need to:
- Track key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with your goals.
- Make data-driven decisions to optimize your ABM approach.
- Demonstrate the ROI of your ABM investments.With clear,
actionable data, you can take your ABM to the next level.
KPI ABM Approach
Ready to Elevate Your Revenue?
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Empower your business with a robust ABM plan that guides you towards your goals. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our ABM services and how we can help you chart a course for success.

The Most Common Questions

Dive into our portfolio and discover the remarkable success stories behind ABM Campaigns. Explore our work and envision how we can elevate your brand to new heights.
What is the difference between ABM and traditional lead generation?

While traditional lead generation casts a wide net to attract a large volume of leads, ABM focuses on targeting specific, high-value accounts with personalized campaigns. This leads to higher conversion rates, larger deal sizes, and stronger customer relationships.

Is ABM right for my B2B company?

ABM is ideal for B2B companies selling high-value products or services with complex sales cycles and a well-defined ideal customer profile. If you have strong alignment between your marketing and sales teams and the resources to invest in personalized campaigns, ABM can significantly improve your ROI.

How do I get started with ABM?

Start by identifying your ideal customer profile and creating a list of target accounts. Align your marketing and sales teams, invest in ABM tools and technology, and develop personalized campaigns tailored to each account's specific needs and challenges.

What are the benefits of using ABM?

ABM offers numerous benefits for B2B companies, including:
- Increased ROI: By focusing on high-value accounts, you generate more qualified leads and close bigger deals.
- Improved efficiency: Personalized campaigns are more effective, reducing wasted resources.
- Stronger customer relationships: Building deeper connections with key accounts leads to long-term loyalty and repeat business.
- Enhanced sales and marketing alignment: ABM fosters collaboration between teams for a more cohesive strategy.